Sand Hauling

Frac Sand Division Sub-Leased Carriers

Creek’s Sub-Leased Carriers are highly vetted. Carriers are required to carry and maintain a minimum coverage of $2 million commercial general liability, $2 million auto liability, $100,000 cargo and a $40,000 trailer interchange. We have oversight of all carrier’s DOT Compliance, Tero Compliance and West Segment Compliance, etc. Creek’s safety team does random inspections on sub-leased trucks and drivers as if they were our own company owned trucks. They are checked for DOT & Safety compliance, including PPE, JSA, DVIR etc. There is no differentiation between company owned trucks and drivers and subleased trucks and drivers. We dispatch and manage them all, insisting on a high level of service 24/7.

All drivers, company or sub-leased are required to complete a full driver’s orientation and safety course. In addition, we facilitate all certifications such as PEC, Fit Test, H2S, and any additional certifications that may be required by the service companies. Only vetted and orientated drivers can drive for Creek, a carrier is never allowed to operate a driver without being trained, the driver must have credentials with our dispatch unit, or they will not be given a load to haul.

Frac Sand Division 24/7 Dispatch

Creek has a 24/7 dispatch team dedicated to sand, our dispatchers have years of sand logistics behind them and take pride in keeping the turns tight and maximizing assets. Our shifts pass down at 6 AM and 6 PM, our dispatch manager holds the bar high for pass down communication between shifts for a seamless transition. 24/7 Logistic operations is a commitment, Creek’s sand dispatch unit has SOP’s in place that give us the flexibility to operate remotely from just about anywhere in the case of bad weather, power outages, etc. To our knowledge, no other Native owned Tier 1 sand trucking company has made the investment that Creek has in a logistics unit of this caliber.

Safety Personnel, Compliance Personnel & Field Coordinators

Creek has 2 full-time safety coordinators in the field and 1 safety dept trainer. In addition, we have 1 compliance person, and the sand division has 2 field coordinators available to push or help with any service needs that may arise. Creek is also structured with 3 company drivers that have a supervisory blue hat position, those drivers have oversight of all sub-leased and company drivers. Our blue hats are a valuable go-to person and a great tool for all of our drivers, dispatch unit and management team.