About Us

Creek Oilfield Services, LLC

The Bakken Oil discovery has provided many opportunities for business development. Creek Oilfield Services, LLC began business in 2008 providing OCTG to one operator on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. Currently our company has expanded service and sell or facilitate the sale of OCTG to many operators both on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation as well to other areas within the Bakken. Currently, most of our customers consume domestic, US Steel, but our company has the ability to provide both domestic as well as foreign produced product.

Our diesel delivery business began in 2013. We built our facility west of Mandaree, Noth Dakota on Highway 22. Our facility was completed in December of 2013 and began delivering to various operators. Our company also provides bulk lubricants.

In February of 2014 construction began on our oilfield supply store. The store is scheduled to be completed in August of 2014, but you can contact our company with any questions. The supply store is conveniently located on the cross roads of Highway 23 and Highway 22, west of New Town, North Dakota.

The administrative arm of our company is designed to assist both oil company operators and vendors navigate through the many questions that surround the Bakken Oil field as well as the various questions that arise within the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation.

We invite you to contact our company.
Spencer Wilkinson Jr.
President, Creek Oilfield Services, LLC

Tier 1 Fuel Supply

Creek Oilfield Services is the proud owner of the only Native American owned fuel supply on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. Enrolled member, Spencer Wilkinson, Jr. has built this 450 thousand gallon bulk fuel facility in Mandaree, ND to help drive down the costs of fueling equipment on the Reservation. Creek Oilfield Services is the only Tier 1 company that owns their fuel supply and the bulk storage facility from which it is distributed.

This facility represents the commitment of Creek Oilfield Services to invest in the reservation and play an active role in creating jobs and making fair pricing available on the Reservation.

Creek Oilfield Services is the only Tier 1 company that owns their fuel supply and the bulk storage facility from which it is distributed.

The value of our service is not limited to the boundaries of the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, as we have been fueling completions, drilling operations, and equipment in all parts of the Bakken play.

Creek Oilfield Services uses their buying power to purchase fuel from multiple North Dakota racks, and more. Rail storage facilities in affiliation with Creek Oilfield Services allow even more avenues to buy fuel at great rates, and allow options for our customers to pre-purchase fuel, and secure allocations of future bulk quantities. We feel that these options can bring substantial value.

At Creek Oilfield Services, we operate late model equipment which is serviced in our shop at the Mandaree bulk facility. The pride of our service is the safety of our men and the dependability of a well-maintained fleet. We have invested in these business lines because we believe in providing an unmatched level of quality in our work, and we want to win your business regardless of the location.

Rail Facilities

With rail transloading facilities in North Dakota, including a 450 acre switch and siding yard in Richardton, ND, Creek Oilfield Services offers solutions for storing pipe and equipment, as well as purchasing bulk fluids and fuels.

Currently, this rail facility is used to store drilling fluids distributed by Creek affiliates, as well as tubular goods. We are currently storing over 100 miles of 20” line pipe on location for an upcoming project.

Capabilities in this yard include sand, methanol, diesel fuel, chemical, drilling fluids, and more. Our facility has access directly to the BNSF main line, and is capable of servicing unit trains.

Safety Culture

Creek Oilfield Services places a special emphasis on safety, believing that all of our customers and employees should enjoy the benefits of working in a safe environment and getting home safely to their families.

Every employee has Stop Work Authority, and we ensure that training is provided so that they can understand the importance and the responsibility tied to this authority.

As a North Dakota company and an enrolled member on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, we carry the burden of being responsible to our environment. We have made a very personal commitment to keep our state and reservation lands clean for generations to come.

As a hauling company and service provider, we are obligated to stay in compliance with DOT regulations for multiple authorities, including City, County, State, and Mandan Hidatsa Arikara (MHA) DOT. Our goal is not only to comply, but to set the example for others to follow.